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How the process of buying the product?

Step1: Add to cart the product that you want to buy. Then go to Shopping Cart after that click Proceed Shopping if not Continue Shopping.
Step2: Enter Shipping and Payment Information. Then Proceed and conform order.
Step3: We provide our account number to you before you conform your order .
Step4: We need your cooperation to make the payment according to your choice and send us the payment recipe.
Step5: After we receive your email of the payment recipe and payment conformation from our account. We will send the purchased item(s)immediately.

Shipment Information

After confirmation order and get payment from you, we will deliver the product that you purchased. You will receive the product within two days or the latest is 15 days (it depend on the distance). Contact us for more information.

Sometimes, I can't find any of the products I want at any of welding shop. Can you get it for me?

With access to foreign producer for welding equipment, we can help search for the products you want. If it's not available in Malaysia, but is still in production, we can order it for your availability from the producer.